March-April Movie Previews by David Marsh
3/14 Dish, The (2000) (limited)
3/18 Spy Kids (2001) (premiere)
4/1 Tremors 3: Back to Perfection (2001) (V)
4/1 Impostor (2000)
4/6 Just Visiting (2001)

Though it's been a slow year so far, there are a few movies coming out in the next month that look like they could be fun. 

Sam Neill, Kevin Harrington and Tom Long star in The DishBob Eggleton reviewed The Dish last month, and he was very excited about it. No, it's not quite Sci-Fi, but looking backwards has it's own merits. 

Spy Kids looks like fun, if totally absurd, when the kids of a pair of international spies has to save their folks, using all manner of special gadgets. Rent a kid and go see it. 

Tremors 3, old beasties with new skinsTremors 3: Back to Perfection is going straight to video, which is probably a good thing, but we've enjoyed both of its predecessors for their campy Sci-Fi B Movie flavor. Even if it's bad it will probably be better than some of the stuff that goes to the big screen. A number of the younger cast members from the first film have grown up in time for this sequel, and Michael Gross returns as Burt, the gun toting survivalist. 

Impostor is a tale of an android alien killer, and how much do we want to bet it passes for human? From what I've seen of Count Thibault & Julia in Just VisitingJust Visiting in previews, it could be fun for Python and SCA fans. I gather a space/time warp drops a trio of medieval types into a modern city with predicable havoc. Could be fun, and I hear it has a curvaceous cast.

I'll let you know how I like these after I've had a chance to screen them, but for now, follow the links to the Internet Movie Data Base for more information about the movies.

-- David Marsh