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by Tony Tellado

Things are always hectic this time of year as we gear up for the summer movies while television series await possible renewal or oblivion. Such is the case for First Wave on the Sci-Fi Channel. I recently talked with Rob Labelle who has played Crazy Eddie on this series for three seasons. He says that all parties are sitting down to look at the numbers for a new season. The New York native spoke to me before appearing for his third time on Star Trek Voyager playing a Talaxian one again. (He played one in the episode, Faces in year one). Like Nana Visitor look for him in an upcoming Dark Angel episode. As First Wave awaits its fate, the cast of Andromeda is currently on hiatus before the start of shooting season two begins at the end of March. 

Recently I finished interviewing the entire cast a special to be aired in May. Series lead, Kevin Sorbo was in Hawaii with his wife, Sam. The couple is expecting their first child. He told me that when he was asked to be in Andromeda, he had a long list of what he wanted. The producers met all of his requests. He was very candid on how he missed the New Zealand crew and cast of his former series, Hercules, The Legendary Journeys. He mentioned that the wrap party was an emotional affair. He has directing plans for directing Andromeda

Cast mates Lisa Ryder and Alexia Doig are appearing in a summer flick, Jason X which continues the Friday The 13th movie series. In a role reversal, Lisa will play an android that leads a class of students on a field trip to earth to discover, Jason and Alexia Doigís character frozen. They take them back to the orbiting space station and Jason gets loose. 

Brent Stait was enjoying his hiatus away from playing Rev Bem as the make up team looks to streamline the make-up process. The goal is to reduce the three-hour application time for season two. The jovial Canadian told me about his roles im Mystery, Alaska and The Virginian. The later was directed by Bill Pullman who was the president in ID4. According to Stait, he is an actorís director and fun to work with. Finally my conversations with the cast ended with Laura Bertram who plays Trance Gemini on the series. Sheís a former child star in the process of making the transition to an adult actress.

This is also the time of year were new series are tried out for a possible fall run. UPN has Special Unit 2 which will debut with six episodes starting on April 11th.Itís a Wednesday which means Seven Days will be move probably to Fridays. SU2 stars Michael Landes and Alixondra Lee. Evan Katz is the creator and executive producer. 

Look for the Sci-Fi Talk special on this series at where we've moved the show to improve the webcasting. Speaking of moves, Lone Gunmen hopes to continue its good numbers as it switches to Fridays. The X-Files will reclaim its Sunday night starting in April. Mulder will be in every episode till the end of the season. That comes straight from the gunmen. What early spring would not be complete with another fantasy epic mini-series from Robert Halmi Jr and Hallmark Entertainment. The Lost Empire had all the efx and fantasy based on eastern mythology. If that isnít enough of the TV shuffle donít fret, thereís more with the summer movie season on the horizon

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