Canadian Report – January 2002
by Asta Sinusas

New this month from your independent Canadian publisher:

Iterations by Robert Sawyer (Quarry Press/ 1550822950 /C$35) Hardcover. An anthology of Sawyer’s short stories and a collection worth collecting (see review). (Not available in the US) (see lisitng)

South of the 49th: books published by Canadian authors at American houses but available in Canada:

Appleseed by John Clute (Tor/ 0765303787/C$35.95/$25.95)

You know, I just get confused by these editions. Apparently, the British edition was available in April 2001 from Orbit and distributed in Canada by Little Brown (1857237587). However, the American edition by Tor (listed above for January 2002) seems to be available at, that wonderful monopoly of a bookstore also known as Heather’s Place. Regardless, Ernest did a wonderful job covering the book. Check out his review in the May edition of SFRevu and his interview with John Clute.

The Peshawar Lances by S.M. Stirling (Roc/ 0451458486/C$34.99/$23.95) Hardcover. Alternate history with a twist – it doesn’t have the Americans as a superpower. But is does have the Brits and  Ruskies duke it out.

Skin Folk by Nalo Hopkinson (Warner Aspect/ 0446678031/C$18.95/$12.95) Trade Paperback. An anthology of short stories. "Throughout the Caribbean [there are] stories about people who aren't what they seem. Skin gives these folk their human shape. When the skin comes off, their true selves emerge. And whatever the burden their skin bears, once they remove it, skin folk can fly..."

My own thanks go to Allan Weiss who pointed me to, although I have to admit a small thrill at finding out my column is a bit more current than that site. However, giving credit where credit is due, they’ve got me licked as far as comprehension, breadth, and members. Well, if ya can’t beat ‘em, p’raps ya can join ‘em. I just wonder if they’ll let me in.

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