Damnaliens DVD Review by Steve Sawicki
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Well, the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful and who would have thought these dvdís would burn so hot and for so long and produce so many pretty colors?  Itís a new year so we can all expect new things.  New plots, new stories, new actors, new special effects and new extra bonus material.  New, new, new!  Itís good to have expectations.  Letís see if Hollywood has kept to itís resolutions of newer, bigger, better, smarter.

Recent Releases -  

What do you do if youíre a tired actor living on the past glories of a hack television series?  Sell margarine and start a cop show with a name that should only belong to a vice squad?  No, you do the convention circuit, milking the fans for all the drachmaís they can spare.  Galaxy Quest , takes us on this journey where only Shatner has gone before.  Galaxy Quest takes pokes at a very old favorite of ours, right up to Tim Allen not being able to keep his shirt on.  Great fun and better than the original.  Of course thatís only true because there was an original and weíve spent the past three decades worshipping it.  A new twist on a very old show (and a Hugo winner).

Believe it or not thatís it for new this month.

Classics - What if Kirk had been leader of a band of rebels in the 1960ís...

...instead of captain of a 1960ís spaceship?  Well, the answer might be The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension. Besides being able to catch Peter Weller and John Lithgow before they were big names, this cult classic mixes pseudo science with rock and roll and medicine.  This is also one of Editor Ernís favorite movies so if you want some insight then go watch.

Can it be true that itís taken this long for Mad Max to be let out of the video box and put onto dvd?  Yes and you can enjoy a very young Mel Gibson as he pouts his way across the Australian desert in one of the first apocalyptic biker movies.  This is all really old stuff by now but you just canít beat an original.  Great stuff and Max could kick Kirk and Banzaiís butt with one fuel injector butterflied shut.

Also brand new out of the box is Tron.  This original digital feature was something to behold when it first hit the screens.  Now itís dated and stupid.  However, if youíre still trying to figure out the difference between RAM and ROM then this just might be the flick for you.  Itís got a certain cute factor going for it for sure.

And now, to coin a phrase, for something completely different.  2069, A Sexy Odyssey, was an x rated film when it was first released a couple of ten years ago. Now itíd be a soft R.  Ignore the title for itís got nothing to do with 2001.  Instead think of Women From Venus only nude from the waist up.  Originally shot in Swedish in the French Alps this flick is played more for laughs than for sex as the five venusians who have come to earth to gather 10,000 seeds of men, are mistaken for the French womenís ski team. Oh the hilarity.  What new thing will they think of next?

SFTV - And just to prove that it also canít produce anything new...

...we get Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Complete First Season.  12 episodes of the first year.  Watch Buffy kick vampire and demon butt.  A great series especially when paired with the movie of the same name.  For all of you who slept through the 90ís.  Geller lives in Connecticut and occasionally, when the police arenít bothering me, I can see her house from my van.

It had to happen.  Iíve been warning you.  Here it is.  Farscape #10, Nerve/The Hidden Memory.  Thatís right, this is the beginning of the stinky episodes.  Maybe January is dump month and the studios and distributors figure weíre all out skiing or snow shoeing or shooting winter hares.  Of course who the hell knows what you people in Florida or Arizona do in the winter.  Gaze with envy at the eight feet of snow which blanketed Buffalo in a five day period?  Someone should clue the morons in Hollywood in that when it snows that much no one goes out and watching DVDs is the next best thing to sextupling

Anime - "No robots this month and no cute Japanese animated sailors either."

All we get is Disney slipping in a loser during a slow month.  Atlantis, The Lost Empire.  Ah, if only the empire werenít the only thing that got lost.  Avoid this tepid, vapid, rabid piece of time wasting product.  Only get it if youíre interested in the pretty green and blue colors you get when you toss it into a raging fire.  Waltís probably mumbling in his grave as we speak.