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September 2002 Canadian Report by Asta Sinusas

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Canadian publisher publishes SF!

The Maze by Monica Hughes (HarperCollins Canada, ISBN 000639213X, C$15.99) A new girl in school, Andrea quickly finds out about Crystal and gang. Ducking into an antique shop to escape the bullies, she discovers a maze box and the kindly owner tells her to keep it. By trying to figure out the puzzle, Andrea is transported into a projection of her own mind as a maze. However, the bullies catch up to her and both Crystal and her henchman Sabrina are sucked in. Now they must work together to find the way out. Hughes succeeds brilliantly in portraying the tortured landscape of the mind as a maze and the lesson of standing up to bullies shines though clearly.

Below the 49th parallel:

Isle of Battle by Sean Russell (Eos, ISBN 0380974908, C$39.50/ $25.95) is the second in the Swan's War epic fantasy trilogy, which started in 2001 with The One Kingdom.

Long awaited Elvenborn, (Tor, ISBN 0312864566, C$34.95/ $24.95) the final installment in the trilogy from Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey is now in bookstores. After 1990's The Elvenbane and 1995's Elvenblood, it looks like they missed their 2000 deadline and made the fans anticipate the latest arrival even more.

I'll let the reviewers and interviewers tell you about Robert Charles Wilson elsewhere in this issue. His debut novel A Hidden Place (Orb, ISBN 0765302616, C$17.95/ $12.95), originally released in 1986 is back in a new trade paper edition.

Feature Interview : Robert Charles Wilson

Feature Review: A Hidden Place

Terence M. Green also has a paperback out this month, the wonderful St. Patrick's Bed which I missed mentioning (and then apologized for) in hardcover. (Forge, ISBN 0765300443, C$17.95/ $12.95)

If you have any free time, check out from The Banff Centre and Canadian Heritage, a Web space dedicated to digital art and culture in Canada. This issue is called Imitators of Life: Robots, Automata, and Cyborgs. Following is a preview:

What are little robots made of?
Utopian dreams and war machines, thatís what little robots are made of.
What are 19th century automata stories made of?
B-movie scenes with inorganic beings, thatís what little automata stories are made of.
What are little cyborgs made of?
Soft machines and uncanny dreams, thatís what little cyborgs are made of.

I'm still waiting for West of January by David Duncan (this has gone on so long, itís starting to become a joke) but General has finally declared bankruptcy. So all thatís left is to find out when the warehouse doors will open again so the books can get back to their rightful owners. In the meantime, a lot of the distributed publishers are suffering so hopefully an end is in sight. In the first round of processing, there was an issue that warehouse workers should be paid incentives to get the books out on time. Apparently a straight salary was not enough, but Iím sure right now there would be a few people who would gladly pay ďBig AlĒ a few hundred on the sly to ensure that their boxes went to the front of the line.  

Faster Than Light, hosted by SF writer Robert J. Sawyer, is an hour-long science-fiction series produced by CBC's Radio Drama department.   The pilot will air TWICE on CBC Radio next week:

* On CBC Radio One (99.1 FM in Toronto)
  Sunday evening, September 22, at 10:05 p.m. EST
  as part of "Sunday Showcase"

* On CBC Radio Two (94.1 FM in Toronto)
  Monday evening, September 23, at 9:05 a.m. EST
  as part of "Monday Night Playhouse"

So:  check it out!  You can also listen on the Internet at the  above times:

Next month there are more books released with Canadian content than there are provinces. (If I manage to track them down in time) So, take a nice walk, enjoy the air, because soon itís going to turn cold and Iíll be recommending plenty of books that you should be snuggling up to. Until next month, if thereís something I missed mentioning about the Great White North, please email me at or


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