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2002 Ernest Lilley / SFRevu
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Ernest hanging out at the Tor party at WorldCon. Photo: Ellen Datlow

Editorial License:  - by Ernest Lilley - Editor/SFRevu

Webspace, the final frontier.
More space, fewer frames, simpler pages

SFRevu has moved to a new internet provider after being generously hosted by SFSite's provider, for the past three years. Cyberus has been steadfast and reliable...but there aint no such thing as a free lunch, and the time has come to pay our own tab.

Somewhere and somewhen we'll pass on the favor. Unitl then, our thanks to the folks at SFSite for all they've done to help.

SFSite ( )  offered us space way back when we were first looking for a host for our new domain name, having outgrown the AOL account we started with. Time passed, and 100 mb doesn't hold what it used we bit the bullet and moved over to valueweb for hosting of this (and other Revu projects, like TechRevu, a Zine devoted to digital gadgets and lifesyle toys from PDAs to Digital Cameras.)

The great news for us, and for you, I hope, is that while we've been trimming the archives to make room for new content, we can now add back all the graphics to the early issues from backups. Unfortunately there are a few issues whose graphics got consumed by a virus, but we'll work on filling them in from new stock.

We've also added a link to the previous and next issue to each index page, so you can surf from one end of the collection to the other and see how we've changed over our first five years. I'm delighted to note that there have been excellent reviews and interviews from the start, and with the restored graphics, the issues look better than I remember.

We're also cleaning up our html, making it simpler, more printable and totally without frames, all in response to the feedback we've gotten from our readers. You can't improve without feedback, so it's up to you to tell us what you think (

Speaking of our readers, we're picking up more and more every day, and we want to thank every one who has asked to subscribe. Be assured, we won't bury you in spam, just the monthly announcements of new issues and a few other announcements as important things the deadline for Hugo voting.

Did I mention Hugo voting? Why, yes, I did.

While the SFRevu Crew (Me, Assoc. Editor Sharon Archer, Asta Sinusas, Bruce Wallis, and our resident alien teen consultant: Jamie Archer) were at ConJose, we asked a lot of people who they thought should win the Hugo. Far too many hadn't a clue. To fight this threat to the very fabric of fandom, we've added a new Hugo Page with information about the Hugo award, how to register for voting, and a list of your suggestions for Hugo Nominee. Keep those suggestions coming in.

Ernest Lilley
Editor SFRevu

sfr3d.gif (19860 bytes) 2002 Ernest Lilley / SFRevu
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