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September 2002
2002 Ernest Lilley / SFRevu

DSCN9593.jpgDSCN9768.jpgWorldCon 2002:ConJose
Hopefully we'll find the time to go back and put  captions in,  but right now we just want to get our photo coverage up for you too see.
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SFRevu ConJose Book Winners

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Photos by SFRevu staff: Ernest Lilley, Bruce Wallace, Sharon Archer and Asta Sinusas
The Convention
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The Opening Ceremony, good clean fun...
DSCN9622.jpg DSCN9623.jpg DSCN9646.jpg
DSCN9628.jpg DSCN9647.jpg DSCN9651.jpg
The SFRevu Crew was there in full force to cover the con...
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SFRevu Staffers: SFRevu Editor Ernest Lilley, Resident Teen Alien Jamie Archer and Associate Editor Sharon Archer, Asta Sinusas, our own Lois Lane,
Photog Bruce Wallis is escorted out of the Convention center by Alien Security Guards, and Asta takes a turn at our table.

Patrick Stewart stopped by to talk about the next X-Men Movie...


Fan Tables Promoted Bids, Zines, and the History of Fandom
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DSCN0061.jpg DSCN0062.jpg DSCN0056.jpg
Lots of interesting folks showed up, old friends and new...
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DSCN9888.jpg DSCN9560.jpg DSCN9894.jpg DSCN9893.jpg
Peggy Sue's Burger Joint quickly became the fan food of choice...
DSCN9570.jpg DSCN9576.jpg DSCN9674.jpg
But Fans still found time for a good book and a quiet moment.

SFRevu Book Giveaway Winners - and speaking of a good book, we ran a lottery at ConJose to pick 10 readers who would get a chance to raid out library. The Winners are: 1015: Leetha Welch, 1023: Elf M. Sternberg, 1037: Caroline Meir, 1083: Donavan Weil, 1086: Jon Lindsay, 1148: Kay Mesker, 1471: Steven Willis, 1506: Mark Irwin, 1070: Eric Schulties, 1796: Vega Roecker

Next Year it's TorCon
DSCN0023.jpgDSCN0045.jpg Next Year it's TorCon in Toronto. Volunteers sold advance memberships and future Con Chair Peter Jarvis showed a blissful unawareness of the train heading his way.

Visit Torcon's site:
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