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April 2003
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April 2003 US Releases by Ernest Lilley                                             Last Month / Next Month

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Avon/EOS -

Baen Books - Hell's Faire - John Ringo finishes up the War with the Poseen in a blaze of firepower fought toe to toe on American soil. Dave Goldfeder reviews it this issue. (See review)

Random House Bantam - Del Rey- Spectra - Lucas Books

Dark Debts -In Dark Debts, chaos reigns as the Atlantis Guild is unsettled by the Black Powder Rebels. Into this chaos moves the elves, who are raising dark powers from the grave.

 The Children of Cthulhu: Chilling New Tales Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft - Reprinted in Trade after its Jan '02 edition, this is a truly horrific collection of the inheritors of Lovecraft's craft.  Rebel Thunder - The floating city, that's in the air floating, of Atlantis is supported by the power of the magestone, but the stone is mined by abused humans and dwarven slaves. The Black Powder Rebels plan to bring down the Atlanteans, with a bang.

Golden Gryphon Press -    The Silver Gryphon - This is the Press's second anthology, and the first to be edited by Gary Turner and Marty Halpern. Twenty of Golden Gryphon's authors -- from those whose names appear on the first twenty-four books -- have contributed to this anthology.(See Victoria McManus' review this issue)

Harper Collins Publishers: Greenwillow Books - The Wee Free Men - Armed with only her frying pan, Tiffany must journey through the shifting dreamscape of Fairyland to rescue her brother. Fortunately she's a fledgling witch, and more so, she has the help of the Wee Free Men, a band of blue, six inch tall sheep thieves.

Penguin Putnam: Ace  - Daw - ROC -   The Light Ages: A Novel - About an industrial revolution based on the discovery of the magical aether with all the grim consequences industrial revolutions are wont to have, If you're a fan of Swanwick, Powers, Miéville and their ilk, Ian MacLeod's second novel should enchant you. John Berlyne will be reviewing the UK edition next month.
 A Just Determination - It's JAGs in Space! Though JAG could take lessons from here in how the US Navy (Space) does things. The Stark's War series garnerd high praise, and I'm sure that Ensign Paul Sinclair, legal officer on the Cruiser Michaelson will carry on the tradition (See my review this issue).

Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits - EJ McClure says in her review this month, "WATER:Tales Of Elemental Spirits (see review) is one of the most engaging anthologies I have had the pleasure of reading. Never mind that I’m an Aquarius. Robin McKinley and Peter Dickinson have won numerous awards for individual works, but this is their first joint venture. Long overdue, I say . . . But it was worth the wait. From the first page I was spellbound by the fluid prose, taut plotting, and richly-textured characters they introduced." War of the Flowers - Thirty year old rocker Theo Vilmos is hitting the skids. Seeking refuge in in a family cabin in Northern California, he comes on an old manuscript written by an ancestor who claims to have gone to magical world of Faerie. Down the rabbit hole he goes. Long Hot Summoning - "Tanya Huff has concocted a frothy brew of humor, action and magic in LONG HOT SUMMONING, the third in the Keeper’s Chronicles." says EM McClure in her review this month. (see review).

Bitter Waters"Here's the third book in a great series that combines SF and Detective genres. Ukiah Oregon is an alien in human form with supersenses that make him the ulitmate tracker, and finder of missing persons, and this time, the person missing is his "son". Next month we'll be doing a review and interview with the author. Song of the Beast"From the first page you can tell that this is the start of a powerful new story. Carol Berg, having finished her Rai-kirah saga to resounding applause now starts out on a new journey, introducing a character who's magic is in his music.

Simon&Schuster: Star Trek (Pocket Books) The Black Library (Warhammer/40k)

Giantslayer - The seventh adventure in the Gotrek and Felix fantasy series, Evil stalks the land once more. Great evil gathers. Malignant evil terrorizes the populace. An ancient portal transports Gotrek and Felix to the isle of Albion to thwart all that bad stuff.

St. Martins Press: Tom Doherty Books - Tor - ORB - Forge -

The Phoenix Exultant: or, Dispossessed in Utopia - Sequel to The Golden Age, the author's fabulous first novel about the disruption of the far future utopia, rich with very well concieved super-science, by a man with a dream of flying to the stars and a plot to stop him at any cost. (See my review this issue).

 Memory"Nagata's new tale of an artificial world where all is indeed a stage, thought the players may not yet know their parts, or what parts they played in past lives. Those live are very real though, and their talents, family and friends follow them incarnation after incarnation. Paul Giguere is working on a review for next month.

The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure - "Long before the Wraeththu assumed total mastery of the Earth and dominion over the dwindling remnants of the human race, they were a wild and passionate people, living in scattered tribes, worshiping strange gods, increasing their numbers by transmuting humans into their own kind. But all that changed on a festival night that surpassed all others, a night when the world changed forever and the Wraeththu began to realize their awesome potential…A tale of intrigue and betrayal, bloodshed and pleasure, dark and dangerous supernatural forces, ardent and consuming passions, The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure is a thrilling new chapter in a compelling fantasy epic." (from the press release)
The Midsummer Queen - Library Journal says "In this sequel to The Snow Queen (Dell, 1980), Vinge weaves a complex web of tangled love affairs, secret cabals, political intrigue, and high adventure centering around a unique woman and her visionary gift." (reprint)

Mistress of Dragons - Though the humans don't know it, the Parliament of Dragons forbids either the meddling in human affairs or the eating of tasty human meat. When a dragon breaks the pact and samples manly morsels, they send Draco, a dragon who can shift into human form, to ferret out the foul beast. The first book in the Dragonvald trilogy, Weis's fans will be rewarded by strong characterization and and exciting storyline. Here there be the start of  a new fantasy arc from a veteran dragonsmith, who cut her teeth on TRS Dragonlance and rose to the NYTimes bestseller list with her Dragonlance, Dark Sword and Deathgate books. This is her first solo novel - dare you miss it? Rob Archer will review this title next month.  The White Dragon: In Fire Forged, Part One - The island nation of Sileria has been ooppressed for centuries by a stream of invaders, while waiting for their prophesied savior - Firebringer. Surviving a leap into a volcano, a peasant becomes that savior, uniting common folk and mages to repel their foriegn rulers. Ripped from today's headlines, as they say, the banner of independence is not an easy one to fly and the nation struggles to "find its true rulers and heal ancient wounds"

The Wood Wife - Winner of the 1997 Mythopoeic Award for Best Novel, this it the story of Maggie Black, a journalist who leaves her LA home to settle the estate of her mentor. In the desert where he lived she uncovers the world of ancient spirits through his writings.  Point of Honour"In an Alternate Regency London, Sarah Tolerance ran away with her brother's fencing-master, but when he dies, everyone expects her to earn her way like all fallen women, on her back. Not bloody likely. Like other noted Londoners of fiction, she'd rather sleuth than, well, she'd rather sleuth. Victoria McManus will be reviewing this hard-boiled-alt- regency tale next month.

Exploring the Matrix: Visions of the Cyber Present""What is the Matrix" asks Morpheus? Besides a sumptuous special effects feast for moviegoers. Who were the Wachowski Brothers infulences? Are Hackers really humanity's only hope? Sterling, Brin, Haldeman and a bunch of others try to figure it all out.  Artifact"A group of friends who call themselves the Daredevil's club search for all 5 pieces of a mysterious artifact found off the coast of Venezuala. The Daredevils meet once a year on New Year's Eve to compare stories of danger, but this time the story may be more than they bargain for.

 Dawn Over Kitty Hawk - It's not SF, but how could I pass it up in this centennial year of flight? The author brings to life both the people and the time that gave us flight (we're planning a review next month).

Warner/Aspect -  

Vincalis the Agitator"A millenia before the author's Secret Texts Trilogy an evil force had nearly destroyed the world. Now the author takes us back to the glory days of the decadent empire that came before the darkness.   The Battle of Evernight: The Bitterbynde Book III"In The Battle of Evernight, the final installment in the Bitterbynde Trilogy, Tahquil (as she is now known) regains some of her memory and must embark upon a final quest: to stop the battle that is raging in the realm of Erith.


Received from Other Publishers (We try to at least list all the books we receive, though small press often does not arrive in its month of publication.)

Oryx and Crake"We're working on a review of Atwood's latest bleak look at the future, bleaker even than the Handmaiden'd Tale. This time the story is apparently told by the last man on earth, recounting how the forces of social inequality, genetic technology and ecological devastation spelled the end of the world.

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