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May 2003
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Winner Christopher Priest receives the 2003 Arthur C. Clarke award
Paul Kincaid presents Christopher Priest with the Arthur C. Clarke award for the best SF novel published in the UK.

Arthur C. Clarke Awards 2003
Event Coverage by John Berlyne

The Arthur C. Clarke award, given annually for the best novel published in the United Kingdom took place on May 17th, 2003 at London’s Science Museum for the third year in a row.


Flanked by exhibits familiar to SF fans - from Babbage’s Difference Engine to lunar landing modules – the preceding reception was graced by many well known faces from the genre scene. The presentation ceremony was conducted by Paul Kincaid, the awards organiser who spoke of the continuing difficulties facing the panel in light of the high standard of work currently being published in the UK. He went on to say that merely being short listed was an honour in itself. The award, announced by John Clute, went to Christopher Priest for his novel, The Separation. The winner, in turn, spoke with warm appreciation of Sir Arthur himself, calling him an inspiration.

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M. John Harrision - Nominated for his book "Light" China Mieville - Nominated for his book "The Scar" Elizabeth Moon - Nominated for her book "The Speed of Dark"

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Winner, Christopher Priest proudly clutches his award

Fantasy writer James Barclay

The prolific Adam Roberts

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Sfrevu's UK team - Iain Emsley and John Berlyne

Ian Watson and Jon Courtenay Grimwood

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Earthlight's Darren Nash with author  John Meaney

Liz Williams and Jay Caselberg

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James Lovegrove

Paul McAuley

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