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Kitty Saves the World: A Kitty Norville Novel by Carrie Vaughn
Cover Artist: Craig White
Review by Drew Bittner
Tor Books Mass Market Paperback  ISBN/ITEM#: 9780765368706
Date: 04 August 2015 List Price $7.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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Never let it be said that Carrie Vaughn does not deliver on what her titles promise. Kitty Norville's final adventure is indeed all about saving the world... and finding out who she is saving it from, after all.

Kitty Norville Series:
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* Kitty Saves the World

In Kitty Saves the World, Kitty, her husband Ben, and their misfit family of friends and packmates must rally against Roman, an ancient vampire whose Long Game involves taking over the world. He has the means to trigger a gigantic and unnatural disaster, one that could throw the Earth into chaos for generations.

Although she has faced Roman in the past and survived, Kitty is now placing herself directly at odds with this millennia-old undead general. Once she, Ben, Cormac, and others go up against Roman early in the story, Kitty learns that everything in her life is now a potential target and even former allies may become enemies.

However, there are also unknown allies in the fight as well. Even though the demon Ashtoreth is working alongside Roman, others join the battle to help balance the odds. Several old friends return just in time to help, making this a one-volume "greatest hits" of sorts. And why not? The stakes couldn't be higher.

The battlefield shifts from Denver, where Kitty and Ben suffer a loss, to the wide open spaces several miles southwest. If Kitty's information is right, Roman pulled this trick once before--though on a lesser scale--and an entire city died in fire and smoke. This time, he has much more power and a natural powderkeg ready to be ignited.

Kitty and her friends must find a needle in a haystack, and they have scant hours to do it. Relying on a handful of magical artifacts and some cryptic supernatural guidance, Kitty will find herself in a final showdown with her enemy--and his patron, revealed at last.

Vaughn pulls out all the stops in this story, addressing Kitty's status as Queen of the Wolves, invoking demons, bringing back past heroes (and villains) and so much more. It's a smorgasbord of Kitty Norville and sure to excite her legions of fans. There are no loose ends, no plot threads dangling once she arrives at the conclusion, just the confidence of a story told finally and in full.

Kitty is no longer the scared, submissive werewolf who started the series. Now she is a battle-tested heroine, not devoid of doubts but full of hard-won courage, leader of a pack and defender of humanity itself against Roman. Her husband Ben has also evolved and grown, becoming a man of action in ways he was not before, matching his cousin Cormac shot for shot (or nearly).

Cormac is his usual surly self, leavened by sharing his skull with the ghost of a British sorceress, and the regular cast of characters is well represented. Roman, as the central villain, is indeed the front man for someone vastly worse, but the scope of his plan is daring; if Kitty did not stand against him, there would be global catastrophe, making a mockery of his offer to let her walk away. He makes for a terrific villain and foil to Kitty, who embraces her humanity and inner Wolf, where Roman has degenerated into a twisted parody of his honorable living self.

All good things must come to an end, and this is a great finale for Kitty and company. Future stories are not impossible, necessarily, but Vaughn herself says in the afterword that this story was planned to end--and now it has. Well done, indeed.


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