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Tin Men by Christopher Golden
Cover Artist: Mike Bryan
Review by Ernest Lilley
Ballantine Books Hardcover  ISBN/ITEM#: 9780345548856
Date: 23 June 2015 List Price $26.00 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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In the not too distant future, Pax America has spread over the globe at the hands of the Tin Men, robot drone soldiers that can outfight any human and are as hard to kill as a tank.

With their operators safely stashed in underground bases, their bodies tended by tubes and technicians until their shifts end, robo-death has no sting. The Tin Men are nearly indestructible, nearly incorruptible, and globally resented.

The world may be at peace, thanks to US intervention, but that doesn't mean it's happy about it.

From official release/information:

Product Description: After political upheaval, economic collapse, and environmental disaster, the world has become a hotspot, boiling over into chaos of near apocalyptic proportions. In this perpetual state of emergency, all that separates order from anarchy is the military might of a United States determined to keep peace among nations waging a free-for-all battle for survival and supremacy.

But a conflict unlike any before demands an equally unprecedented fighting force on its front lines. Enter the Remote Infantry Corps: robot soldiers deployed in war zones around the world, controlled by human operators thousands of miles from the action. PFC Danny Kelso is one of these "Tin Men", stationed with his fellow platoon members at a subterranean base in Germany, steering their cybernetic avatars through combat in the civil-war-ravaged streets of Syria. Immune to injury and death, this brave new breed of American warrior has a battlefield edge that's all but unstoppable--until a flesh-and-blood enemy targets the Tin Men's high-tech advantage in a dangerously game-changing counter strike.

When anarchists unleash a massive electromagnetic pulse, short-circuiting the world's technology, Kelso and his comrades-in-arms find themselves trapped—their minds tethered within their robot bodies and, for the first time, their lives at risk.

Now, with rocket-wielding "Bot Killers" gunning for them, and desperate members of the unit threatening to go rogue, it's the worst possible time for the Tin Men to face their most crucial mission. But an economic summit is under terrorist attack, the U.S. president is running for his life, and the men and women of the 1st Remote Infantry Division must take the fight to the next level—if they want to be the last combatants standing, not the first of their kind to fall forever.

(Source: Ballantine Books)

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