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Galaxy's Edge Magazine: Issue 25, March 2017
Edited by Mike Resnick
Review by Sam Tomaino
Galaxy's Edge Paperback  ISBN/ITEM#: 9781612423449
Date: 20 February 2017 List Price $6.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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The March 2017 issue of Galaxy's Edge #25 has stories by Samantha Murray, Sunil Patel, Kay Kenyon, George Nikolopoulos, Andrea G. Stewart, Kevin J. Anderson, Alex Shvartsman, Brennan Harvey, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Yaroslav Barsukov, Tina Gower, and Robert Silverberg, an interview with Robert Silverberg, and other features.

The March 2017 issue of Galaxy's Edge #25 is here with more good stories. I will review the ones with a 2017 copyright date.

The 2017 fiction in the issue begins with "Bragging Rites" by Samantha Murray. -+- Clara attends the funeral for her father whom she has not seen in twenty years. At funerals, the dead come back and talk about their lives and her father is not exception to that. A very poignant tale.

"The Tragedy of the Dead is That They Cannot Cry" by Sunil Patel. -+- Jonathan attends Rosita's funeral, but this is a bit different from the kind we are used to. Interesting.

"The Loyal Order of Beasts" by Kay Kenyon -+- Grendel is a venerable member of the Loyal Order of Beasts who haunt dreams in a way that is beneficial. It is his turn to haunt the autistic boy, Paco. But the Order now has new monsters who are just the nasty slashers of the movies. He must confront one who wants to harm the boy. Very imaginative.

You Can Always Change the Past by George Nikolopoulos -+- An amusing version of a classic time travel trope.

"It Takes a Special-Special Person" by Andrea G. Stewart -+- Jeffrey is a special-special someone who has special mind powers but also has a "schizoaffective disorder" and can't be trusted to behave. He is this way because his mother used her abilities when she was pregnant with him and then abandoned him. He is in a home where his power is dampened. He can sometimes be a problem. Then, he finds out about his mother. A well-done character study.

"Golf to the Death" by Alex Shvartsman -+- To gain the alliance of a warrior race in a galactic war that Earth is fighting, Petty Officer Third Class Randy Moreno must play a golf game with a member of that race. The catch is that whoever loses will be killed. But he winds up liking his opponent. What can he do? Enjoyable little tale with a good ending.

"My Monster Can Beat Up Your Monster" by Brennan Harvey -+- Gell is the monster assigned to eight-year-old Patricia. She has been suffering from being neglected by her parents because her premature-born baby brother needs extra care. She is acting out and wants Gell to fight Cal's monster Ogg. But Ogg is Gell's friend and, also, fighting will get them cleaved from their charges. But when he refuses to fight, Patricia gets worse. What can he do to help her. A story with a lot of heart.

"The Observer" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch -+- Our narrator is a woman transformed into an aggressive warrior to fight aliens. But it's not something that can be turned off. What can be done with her? Grim, effective little tale.

"Your Grief is Important To Us" by Yaroslav Barsukov -+- Mr. Franke's wife, Catherine, died two months ago and he is still grieving. But the government is forcing him to go through with an interview by an android so that he can be matched with someone new. He does not take it well. Amusing in that teeth-grating way!

"Do Not Call Me Bento" by Tina Gower -+- Bento is a seventh son and must find a way to deal with that. Okay.

Galaxy's Edge has a lot more than these: Good reprinted stories, an interview, columns, book reviews, and a serialization. I recommend that you pick it up.

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