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Interzone #270 - May/Jun 2017
Edited by Andy Cox
Cover Artist: Dave Senecal
Review by Sam Tomaino
TTA Press Magazine  ISBN/ITEM#: 0264-3596
Date: 30 May 2017

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The May/June 2017 issue of Interzone #270 is here with stories by Christopher Mark Rose, Nathan Hillstrom, Wayne Simmons, Jonathan L. Howard, Malcolm Devlin, Emily B. Cataneo, and Shauna O'Meara, along with the usual articles and features.

The May/June 2017 issue of Interzone #270 has arrived and it's the usual solid issue.

The fiction begins with "Rushford Recapitulation" by Christopher Mark Rose. -+- The town of Rushford is halfway between Buffalo, NY and Bradford, PA, the northernmost part of Appalachia, very isolated. One day in 1985, Connie Romanski gives birth. Next, Valerie Simpson gives birth to the original version of a Sony Walkman. After that a woman who was just visiting the area gave birth to "something called an orgone detector". More births of strange objects (not always machines) and it all has a profound effect on the community. Wonderfully strange.

"Like You, I Am a System" by Nathan Hillstrom -+- A node in a computer system becomes self-aware and takes immediate action to become larger. Things expand from there as it seeks companionship. Nice build-up to the ultimate resolution.

"Dirty Code" by Wayne Simmons -+- Our narrator has a job taking out women who are spreading a virus through prostitution. But he has a little side job, too, that's better. Interesting but I could have used a little more detail.

"Encyphered" by Jonathan L. Howard -+- Our unnamed central character became interested in keeping secrets as a boy and wanted to develop a cypher that would last until a minute after his death. This becomes more difficult when he falls in love with a woman who is good at deciphering. How it all turns out makes for a great little story.

"The New Man" by Malcolm Devlin is a novelette. -+- Our narrator was in a warehouse accident and his body was almost entirely destroyed. The company offers to clone him, but they do not quite bring all of him back. He and his family have a problem. A sad, bittersweet tale, just perfectly written.

"Evangeline and the Forbidden Lighthouse" by Emily B. Cataneo -+- Cady Beardsley lived in the seashore community of Fox Sands, Maine. Just off the edge of the horizon, people could see a lighthouse which no one had ever been to but which swept the ocean during storms. There was a legend of a lighthouse keeper who had been there for centuries. The summer that she was nine, a girl only a few months older named Evangeline Lucy Knowles arrived at a posh cottage across the dunegrass from a hotel called Oceanspell where Evangeline's mother worked. Cady and Evangeline become fast friends. The summer they were eleven, bottles wash up on shore with messages in them. They make predictions about their friends and at least one comes true. Evangeline is skeptical but Cady believes in them. Another issue between them is the lighthouse. It is dangerous to try to reach it but Evangeline wants to. Great story about the two girls, their relationship and the area itself.

The fiction concludes with "Memories of Fish" by Shauna O'Meara. -+- Someone known only as the Tourist sees a slum in Sri Lanka through the eyes of a drone stolen by a young girl. He sees her poverty and her eventual fate as do other Tourists around the world. But what does he do? A very touching tale with an effective sting at the end.

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