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Shimmer - Number 38, July 2017
Edited by E. Catherine Tobler
Cover Artist: Sandro Castelli
Review by Sam Tomaino
Shimmer eMagazine  
Date: 27 July 2017

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Shimmer, Number 38 is here and with stories by Martin Cahill, Andrea Corbin, Heather Morris and Victoria Sandbrook, with an interview of each of them.

Here is Shimmer #38 with more unusual stories.

The first story is "Salamander Six-Guns" by Martin Cahill. -+- Copper, our narrator, is jealous when a stranger comes to town with salamander guns and joins the fight against the scale-folk, who are from another dimension, and everyone starts calling him the Mayor. The scale-folk had dropped from the sky one day and could infect people with their bite, turning them into scale-folk. But he is also attracted to the Mayor and learns more about what is driving him. The mayor inspires them to an assault on the scale-people and their queen. Exciting story and a good turn on the Old West idea.

The second story is "Itself at the Heart of Things" by Andrea Corbin. -+- When our narrator knows the Szemurians are invading, she starts disassembling herself. How this is all possible is never explained. In the interview afterward, we are told this is Dada-punk. Okay. Does this experiment work? Not for me.

The third story is "Maps of Infinity" by Heather Morris. -+- We have two viewpoint characters who alternate in this tale. One is Asterion, described as a "horned demi-god" who cannot speak but is feared by the local people. They sacrifice their most beautiful children to him but he does not eat them or rape them. He just lets them live with him. The other character is The King's Ugly Daughter. Her mother is just a common woman whom the king impregnated. If she had been born male, she would have been an heir. But she is an ugly, ungainly woman who becomes a fierce warrior and slayer of monsters. The two come together in a way that might not surprise but make for a very nice story.

The fourth story is "The Moon, the Sun, and the Truth" by Victoria Sandbrook. -+- Andy is a truth-rider and she spreads the news while fighting against the Directorship after an apocalypse has ended democracy. She does her small part as long as she can in this well-written, concise story.

I love reviewing Shimmer again, one of the best small press magazines. Subscribe! (See link at the top of this review to subscribe.)

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