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Black Static #59 - Jul/Aug 2017
Edited by Andy Cox
Cover Artist: Richard Wagner
Review by Sam Tomaino
TTA Press Magazine (print/digital)  ISBN/ITEM#: 1753-0709
Date: 29 July 2017

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Black Static #59 is here with stories by Kristi DeMeester, Kirsten Kaschock, Rosalie Parker, Damien Angelica Walters, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Sarah Read, and YZ Chin, together with the usual fascinating articles and reviews.

Black Static #59 is here and it's another good one. All very good stories!

The fiction begins "When We Are Open Wide" by Kristi DeMeester. -+- When Brianne first starts menstruating, she feels that there is a monster inside her. She also has to deal with her mother's constant miscarriages. Why is she the only one brought to term? As she gets older she finds out more about the monster and it is truly horrifying. Very well-executed story.

"A Body is Consecrated Ground" by Kirsten Kaschock -+- Felice and her sister, Hettie, have lived in House Creosote for eighty-eight years. Hettie regularly explodes and reassembles. Felice finally decides to try something different. Wonderfully bizarre!

"The Dreaming" by Rosalie Parker -+- Our narrator has begun a ritual magic service to heal people of their troubles. It works well for them, but not the narrator. Pretty good.

"Here, Only Sorrow" by Damien Angelica Walters -+- Lucas, one of our narrator's twin sons, is dead from a fall and she has problems dealing with it. Her surviving son, Aidan, starts making believe he is his brother and this upsets her more. She comes to a realization as to why Aidan is doing this. Can that help her cope. A beautiful, sad story.

"Ghost Town" by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam -+- Rae lives in a town that has abandoned its name. It is bordered by a river called Styx that no one will cross. An old man has dammed it for a reason that is not clear. Rae mourns the loss of her wife, Emily, whose body has been stolen by a death dealer. They steal bodies and sell them for death walkers who have lost their bodies to inhabit. Rae searches for Emily's body. What she does when she finds it makes this a very imaginative horror story.

"Endoskeletal" by Sarah Read -+- Ashley is an American archeologist working in Switzerland exploring a cave that had just bear skeletons when the receding glacier uncovered a chamber with curious paintings of skeletal-like figures fighting a huge monster. Even stranger are the human skeletal remains found. Their arms and legs were broken but the skulls are really unique. The jaws had been pried open and stone jars had been placed in them. Against all protocol, she takes one of the skulls with the jar with her. Even worse, she opens the jar and finds bone marrow inside which she gets on her fingers. Getting dismissed by her Swiss boss is the least of her problems in this nicely-built-up tale.

The fiction concludes with "To Dance is Feline" by YZ Chin. -+- This is a story told by a young cat, mostly about her mother and the family they live with. It involves her mother being falsely accused of hurting the human baby and also the cats' battle with the rat king. The humans call the mother cat devil-spawn and attack her. Things do not go well. for cat and human. Interesting viewpoint and some great horror.

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