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The Rift Frequency (Rift Uprising Trilogy) by Amy S. Foster
Cover Artist: Larry Rostant
Review by Mel Jacob
Harper Voyager Hardcover  ISBN/ITEM#: 9780062443182
Date: 31 October 2017 List Price $24.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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Amy Foster's hero Ryn Whittaker, a Citadel soldier, along with fellow Citadel soldier Levi Branach follows her lover Ezra Massad into a rift, an opening between this Earth and an alternate one. She is determined to learn how to control the rifts and bring Ezra back safely, but must first learn who the real enemies are.

As children, the Citadel soldiers were modified to become super warriors. They also had a kill switch installed and a modification that would cause them to go berserk if they tried sex with another Citadel. Ryn became aware of these things and managed to get the kill switch turned off for her and her allies. She also learned from Ezra how to deprogram the Blood Lust syndrome.

Edo, a non-human doctor, agrees to help Ryn and provides her with a QOINS (Quantum Operating Interdimensional Navigating System) targeted on Ezra that will enable her to follow his shifts through alternate earths.

The novel is episodic as Ryn and Levi shift from world to world. A few are deadly and they are lucky to shift quickly to more hospitable worlds. Along the way, they find an AI world where humans died more than 2000 years before. The AIs agree to help them in exchange for human DNA.

Meanwhile, Ryn attempts to deprogram Levi. During one episode, he almost kills her, but she persists. She soon discovers feelings for him she didn't expect. The deprogramming scenes raise the sexual heat and change Ryn's outlook.

At times, the different Earths are somewhat pat with a Roman one complete with gladiators, a mechanized Medusa, and slaves, a Japanese internment camp for U.S. citizens, even a water world without humans, and one with deer-like people having ESP abilities. Some twin Earths do not have Citadels while others have vicious modified ones.

Ryn doesn't always ask the right questions but eventually gets to the truth. Force doesn't always work and she must use intelligence and diplomacy. The surprises are plentiful, yet the ending is almost impossible to believe. Conspiracies and lies make Ryn's task difficult. A third volume will hopefully clear up the loose ends and resolve the future of Ryn's Earth.

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