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Kaleidotrope Autumn 2017
Edited by Fred Coppersmith
Cover Artist: Kat Weaver
Review by Sam Tomaino
Kaleidotrope Magazine (print/digital)  
Date: 27 October 2017

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The Autumn 2017 issue of Kaleidotrope is here. This one has stories by Octavia Cade, Daniel Lowd and Mary E. Lowd, Jon Wallace, TJ Berry, Gareth D. Jones, Stewart C. Baker, Anatoly Belilovsky, Robert Dawson, Kate Heartfield, Holly Heisey, CL Holland, Laurie Tom, and Deborah Walker, and poems by John Grey, Lauren McBride, and Neile Graham. And it's got Horoscopes!

Kaleidotrope Autumn 2017 is here and it's their usual fine issue--with horoscopes!

The issue begins with "The Ouroboros Bakery" by Octavia Cade. -+- Oksana has been a baker for a long time and a member of the Guild. Her skill is shown by the scales tattooed on her arms, but she has her own recipe that has no scale. Very strange.

The second story is "Techno Babel" by Daniel Lowd and Mary E. Lowd. -+- Our narrator is an intelligent machine that runs the gate of a parking garage. It is able to communicate with other machines and is close to a nearby elevator. But one day, a patch is made to its OmniChip and it can communicate with intelligent machines all over the world. The machines get more intelligent and split into three factions that do not get along. Then, the Judgment Virus hits. Where did it come from? Nicely done.

The third story is "The Manitor" by Jon Wallace. -+- Our narrator is a young girl living on the Mississippi who winds up in camps on both sides during the Civil War. The rebels are mostly useless drunks but the Union has developed a submersible weapon that's particularly nasty--more for those wielding it. Good little story.

The fourth story is "Sinshine" by TJ Berry. -+- Our narrator is possessed by some alien presence that seems to have inhabited Earth before the first Ice Age. She calls him Phil after her ex-husband. Phil forced her to buy a lot of fast food and also to commit murder. Phil does not care about the consequences. This one gets more horrific as it goes on with some of it overt and some subtle. Very unsettling.

The fifth story is "Something on Your Mind?" by Gareth D. Jones, Stewart C. Baker, Anatoly Belilovsky, Robert Dawson, Kate Heartfield, Holly Heisey, CL Holland, Laurie Tom, and Deborah Walker. -+- Basil Lindenhock cam read emotions. So when Astropolis station security asks him to detect an alien presence that has hijacked a resident's mind, he must examine a series of suspects. We get a brief picture of each one of them but what he finds is a surprise. Very good group collaboration.

Kaleidotrope is one of those magazines that must be read slowly and savored. Check it out at their website (see the link at the top of this review) and enjoy it. And the horoscopes are back!

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