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Analog - July/August 2005
zine  ISBN/ITEM#: 1059-2113
Date: 05/06/2005 /

From release/information:

Analog - July/August 2005 - Vol CXXVNo. 8 - ISSN 1059-2113

Table of Contents: Novella: Chandra's Pup by Bud Sparhawk - Novelettes: Of Kings, Queens and Angels by Rajnar Vajra; In the Loop by Brian Plante; Endeavor by Robert R. Chase; Telepresence by Michael A. Burstein - Short Stories: The Keeper's Riddle by Joe Schembrie; The Time Traveler's Wife by Scott William Carter; Prayer for a Dead Paramecium by Carl Fredrick; The Pain Gun by Gregory Benford; Climbing the Blue by Stephen Baxter - Science Fact: Mission to Utah: A Science Fiction Writer's Adventures At the Mars Society Desert Research Station by Wil McCarthy - Probability Zero: July Fourth, 2213 by Peter L. Manly - Reader?s Departments: The Editor's Page; The Alternate View by John G. Cramer; The Reference Library by Tom Easton; Brass Tacks; In Times to Come; Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis.

The July/August 2005 issue of Analog is (obviously) a double issue. Most of the stories get my very good rating with only a few a little less than that. There is, however, one exceptional story. "In the Loop" by Brian Plante tells us of a young man named Dave, who gets a job in a virtual retirement home. These are places where people who are close to death have their personalities uploaded into a virtual realm where they can be as young and fit as they want and do whatever they want. The problem is that they get caught in loops of doing the same thing over and over again. His job is to visit this virtual reality and find ways to get them out of these ruts. In doing this he gets out of a loop of his own.

"Endeavor" by Robert Chase is a sequel to a previous story, "Transit of Betelgeuse" that was published more than 15 years ago, but you don?t need to have read it (or remember it). A space ship named Endeavor must find a way to escape from a disaster with the added problem of having warring factions aboard. "Telepresence" by Michael A. Burstein is a sequel to his first story "Teleabsence" but also stands on its own. The always reliable Burstein tells a story here about a man who wants to give back something given him by an inspiring teacher. "In The Keeper's Riddle", Joe Schembie gives us a riddle that we and the stories characters must solve. "The Time Traveler's Wife" by Scott William Carter is a charming tale of two forms of time travel. "The Pain Gun" by Gregory Benford is a story about a future war and a weapon that will work fine for a while. Last year, Stephen Baxter published a story called "PeriAndry's Quest" about a world in which time moves at different speeds depending on your altitude. In this follow-up, a man makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his wife's life.

The other stories in this issue are pretty good, too. "Chandra's Pup" by Bud Sparhawk, a sequel to his "Clay's Pride", continues the story of how humans must deal with an aggressive alien race. Unfortunately, this just seems like part of a novel and does not stand on it's own very well. In "Of Kings, Queens and Angels" by Rajnar Vajra is a nice story about a man who must figure out how to get out of a increasingly desperate situation. Lastly, "Prayer for a Dead Paramecium" by Carl Fredrick tells us how two boys deal with the death of their father in a war.

So this double issue does have one exceptional tale and the rest are worth reading.

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