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The Sons of Heaven (The Company) by Kage Baker
Edited by Dav
Review by Harriet Klausner
Tor Books Hardcover  ISBN/ITEM#: 9780765317469
Date: 10 July 2007 List Price $25.95 Amazon US / Amazon UK / Show Official Info /

The immortal cyborg botanist Mendoza is in 500,000 BCE with cyborg Edward Alton Bell-Fairfax, a former eighteenth century pirate. At one time he shared the body with sixteenth century Nicholas Harpole, also a cyborg and Alec Checkfield, seventh earl of Finsbury. They used to share one body but Edward managed to take over the body and separate himself from Nicholas and Alec who are files in Mendoza's brain. Also sharing their quarters is the AI known as the Captain loyal to Alec. While healing Edward he gets the code to unlock Alec and Nicholas and when Edward is well he believes he is superior to the other two immortal cyborgs and should rule the world and have Mendoza for himself, a view that when her memories are unlocked she inherently disagrees with.

She wants Alec and Nicholas back in their own bodies and she make a bargain with him. She will stay with him and they would find a way to birth two cyborg immortal babies with the memories and feelings of Alec and Nicholas. Mendoza gives birth to the family and moves to an island outside of time with Edward; giving their children at certain intervals their personalities back in their data ports so when they reach their majority they are good and decent men.

In the meantime, Dr Zeus Incorporated, a consortium of business people who found the secret of immorality and time travel have created immortal cyborgs to loot treasure from different times and eras and used cyborg enforcers to manipulate events to get what they want. Right now the immortals are furious at their creators because they learned that two hundred of them were taken to a lab to be experimented on to see if they can be destroyed. The Silence is coming where no operatives will hear from their masters (Dr. Zeus Incorporated) after July 9, 2355. One of the kin (read the book to find out who they are) finds a way to kill the cyborgs and Dr. Zeus is persuaded to use chocolate which gets them drunk as the delivery system to kill the cyborg immortals.

Three different cyborg immortal cabals led by Labienus, Aegus, and Suleyman all want to end Dr. Zeus Immortal's reign. Some want them dead just as Labienus wants the mortals wiped off the planet, calling them monkeys not fit to breed. Suleyman wants to work behind the scenes gently guiding humanity. Aegus sees mortals as sheep and wants to rule them. All three cabal leaders believe they will win and Dr. Zeus believes their plan to kill all the cyborg immortals will work.

The Son of Heaven is the book everyone who has read this series has wanted. Each book was a theme threading to the end point where one way or another Dr. Zeus would have his just punishment or prove victorious. As a whole, the series anchored its goal as each book revealed more of Dr. Zeus' evil plan and how it turned on its own creators. The plot is not linear and the story moves back and forth in time. Points of view also change as the leaders of the cabals are seen making their plots. The transitions are smooth and don't annoy the audience which is the work of a master storyteller. There are various other minor sub-plots that move forward the storyline.

Much of the book is devoted to Mendoza and her family in the distant past as she and Edward raise the first immortal cyborgs ever born. They have dataports that give them memories and feelings at appropriate times of their past lives. It is adorable watching Edward go from wanting to take over the world to becoming a father. As he changes, he becomes a kinder more giving person. He and Mendoza write a book on how to take care of cyborgs from infancy to adulthood. This is a bit of whimsy in an otherwise action packed book. Mendoza, Edward and their sons play key roles in deciding what happens after the Silence. Kage Baker has stayed true to her characters throughout the series, heroes and villains alike so there is a real sense of continuity all through the saga. This is a stupendous complex finale that will satisfy readers of the previous novels. For those who have not perused the past tales, the end game solution is not a stand alone book. This is a one of a kind complex science fiction series, totally unique, so there is nothing to compare it to. The Sons of Heaven is simply unputdownable.

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